ena mori – Christmas Song (Version II)

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When the same depressing things happen each time during that specific holiday, why keep putting yourself through all of it? Let those musings flow deep as ena mori brings you her single “Christmas Song (Version II)”. Despite the mellow frustration on the surface, this folk pop track brings a chill and humorous undertone that’ll keep you comfy.

About the Artist:

Ena Mori radiates a refined and sophisticated musical aura, capturing an enigmatic journey of pop harmonies that wander gracefully. Immersed in her vibrant Japanese-Filipino heritage, she weaves a vivid tapestry of lush visuals and impressive lyricism into the fabric of the OPM scene. With a fearless departure from the conventional, she boldly steps beyond the boundaries of genre, carving out her unique identity as an artist.

Her debut album, “DON’T BLAME THE WILD ONE!,” soared to the distinguished number one spot on NME Asia’s prestigious list of Best Albums in 2022. This accomplishment serves as a testament to her exceptional talent and creative prowess.

Artist information courtesy of  SONY MUSIC PHILIPPINES

IG: @sonymusicphl

Twitter: @sonymusicph

TikTok: @sonymusicphhttps://www.sonymusic.com/

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