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Song:                         YOU DID IT

Artist:                         KAIA

Release Date:            April 12, 2024

Let the irresistible force of KAIA hypnotize you with the dominating, Persian-style bop, “YOU DID IT”. Incorporating an unmistakably perfect selection of instruments and melodies to conceive that sonic flair that KAIA brings, “YOU DID IT” beams through, solidifying KAIA’s place as versatile artists. Their voices roar as they show what happens when you cross them, and they do it with flair!

About the Artist:

KAIA is a five-member girl group consisting of members Sophia, Angela, Charice, Charlotte, and Alexa, the group takes inspiration from their inner character and the strength they find in overcoming challenges. Their name, KAIA, is a fusion of two Tagalog words: “Kinaiya”, a Tagalog noun that describes inner character, and “Kaya”, a term used by Filipinos to express their determination to overcome obstacles. With a few members already being social media personalities prior, and with the famous K-Pop idol training under their belt – Charlotte, Angela, Charice, Alexa, and Sophia are set to follow the footsteps of their brother group SB19 to represent the Philippines in the global music scene. As thousands of followers flocked their social media accounts as soon as they launched, anticipation rose as KAIA is surely to become one of P-Pop’s next big thing.

Artist information courtesy of  SONY MUSIC PHILIPPINES

IG: @sonymusicphl

Twitter: @sonymusicph

TikTok: @sonymusicphhttps://www.sonymusic.com/

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