Help / FAQ

Q. How do I listen to music?
A. Click the Live Radio link on the main menu or click any of this player icon. After downloading,
open the file, it will start the player.

Q. I uploaded a photo but the image is missing when I access the page.
A. The system may still be processing your photo. Refresh the page after a minute.

Q. How do I post YouTube video?
A. Go to the wall post page (or homepage)and enter the URL then press submit.

Q. The site doesn’t display properly, menu are horizontal and hard to see.
A. This is a problem of your browser loading the style sheet & can be fixed by clearing your browser cache.

Q. How can I change my Profile Photo?
A. On your My Account page click the camera icon and upload your photo.


4 Ways to Listen to

Website Go to and click “Live Radio”
or the “Listen Live” icon
Mobile Go to and click
“Listen on your Mobile” icon
Toolbar Download & install the application from the website,
listen while you browse
Facebook LIKE our Facebook Page and click “Listen” link
on left menu then click the “Listen Live” icon

Q. I can see the player but I can’t hear the music.
A. Make sure your speaker is On or not set to mute.

Q. I don’t see the music player at all.
A. You must have a Adobe Flash player, you can download it at Adobe webite.

Q. The music stop playing.
A. Click the Radio again or refresh the page.


Q. How do I add my profile to the list?
A. Go to artists section and click the Add Artist link on the sub menu.

Q. Can I submit my/our songs and have it played?
A. Yes, you can send us your song at playmysong[at]

Q. How can I upload my songs?
A. First you must be a registered user, 2nd you muat have an artist page. From the artist page or from your my account page click the Upload MP3 then upload your media.


Q. Do you have advertising plans?
A. Yes, we have banner advertising. The image ads are located on the right side of the page.

Q. What banner ad size do you accept?
A. Currently we offer 2 sizes, 336×140 and 336×280

Q. Do you offer email advertising.
A. No, but we have plans on offering this sometime in the future.

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