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The group came together in December of 2007, Kris was invited to sing at an event which led Kris to meet Carlo Carreon, a drummer for a band called “Linggo”. Carlo then urged Kris to meet and jam with his band mate Rex Polito in Diamond Bar, CA and Kris decided to tag Keisey alongside with him to be acquainted with the group.


In early 2008, Kris gave invitation to Audie Del Rosario, a vocalist from the band “JOINT” to jam with the group. Kris and Audie had worked previously in the Philippines as an acoustic duo in several bars in Metro Manila. The jam session sounded great which administered Rex to form a new group and came up with the name “browndition” which was taken from the word rendition and the color “brown” that represents the color race of Filipinos. The group then needed a bass player so Kris immediately lured his younger brother Jourell to play alongside with the group.

Mid 2008, Carlo then introduced his best friend PochTeodoro, a professional drummer in the Philippines who resides in Los Angeles to come join the group
Hometown: LA Genre: Unplugged, Acoustic Band, Jazzy Alternapop
Hometown: LA
Genre: Unplugged, Acoustic Band, Jazzy Alternapop

Another significant moment in the band’s history was the introduction of Kris to Viva hot babe Ella V. Kris was invited to be part of Ella V’s birthday concert in Cerritos, CA. Kris’ performance evoke great compliments from producers and fellow artist which persuaded Ella to take Kris on all her shows. They would travel and do shows in Las Vegas, Chicago, and San Francisco.


Kris and Keisey saw a great potential in the band with Poch as the drummer which led Carlo to part ways with the band and give Poch the spot. Kris and Keisey then wanted to take a different direction for the band which led to indifferences with the other members of the band which ultimately led browndition to be a trio with Kris on vocals and guitars, Keisey on keys, and Poch on drums. They would play in small clubs & bars in Los Angeles County and special shows with various artist.


Kris brought browndition with him in local shows in Los Angeles. During these shows, various artists would jam with Browndition which led to more shows with different artist such as Ella Mae Saison, Divo Bayer, Jo Awayan,Antoinette Taus, and Piolo Pascual etc.


Late 2008 were memorable for Browndition. Since the group is a trio, it has been a prayer for Kris and Keisey to land a bass player that can hang with the boys. September 2008 was a matchmade in heaven. Keisey for no reason decided to bring a bass guitar to play around in one of their shows in West Covina not knowing that their prayers will be answered that night with the arrival of John Loveres. He played bass professionally in the Philippines  for the longest time and his emergence pave great avenues for Kris and Keisey to expand the musicality of the band.

Browndition is now Kris on guitars & vocals, Keisey on keys, John on Bass & Vocals and Poch on
drums. They continued performing on local bars in Los Angeles and special shows with various
artists. The band’s venture however will be cut short with the departure of Poch due to
personal reasons and John’s relocation to Arizona.
In 2009, Kris and Keisey attended a Musician’s meet in Los Angeles called Musicians on Fire otherwise called MOF. MOF USA was founded by Franklin Benitez and EJ Cabigting. They aimed to gather all Filipino Musicians in Los Angeles for a night of jamming and thanksgiving. This is where Kris and Keisey met Francis Salvador who plays drums and Carl Syaap who plays bass.
They then invited Francis and Carl to play with browndition on shows with Ms. Antoinette Taus. This again will be cut short with the departure of Francis due to his relocation to Las Vegas. Francis’ departure paves way for the arrival of Jayson Vera Cruz. Jayson under the mentorship of Kenny Mcdougald and Franklin Benitez would be Browndition’s current drummer.

Late 2010, John Loveres would come back from Arizona and take his spot as browndition’s bass
Browndition is now Kris on vocals & guitars, John on bass & vocals, Keisey on keys and Jayson on drums.
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“Huling Pagkikita”-Browndition directed by Paco Arespacochaga. Enjoy!
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Huling Pagkikita – Browndition“Huling Pagkikita”-Browndition directed by our dear friend Paco Arespacochaga. Enjoy!Listen to more of our Music and Support Browndition by getting your copy of the album. Thanks for watching and Please Share! your copy here)Also available in Spotify, Google Play and Itunes.Special thanks to Rachell Anne Loveres, Rainika Bee, Pastora Joy, Mark Tune Jardinazo& Janelle Joy Aguirre for helping out with the video.Like this type of music? Also check out

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Sala Sessions Ep. 3 “Kapag Kasama Ka” – BrownditionOne of our newest Originals. Enjoy and pls subscribe!:))

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