Latest release: Clara Benin – Blink (Lyric Video)

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Song:                          blink

Artist:                         Clara Benin

Release Date:            December 26, 2021

About the Artist:

Clara Benin is touted as the indie darling of the Philippines, recently being signed as one of the first artists under Sony Music’s new Southeast Asian label OFFMUTE. Her signature angelic voice and melodic acoustic guitar playing brings a kind of serenity that her listeners gravitate towards. Widely loved for her warm and quiet demeanor, the acoustic-folk artist has played in notable festivals like Wanderland Arts and Music Festival in the Philippines, Music Matters in Singapore, and Zandarifest in Korea.

Blink, and you’ll miss it… Indie darling Clara Benin closes the year with the perfect reflective track for your 2021 with her latest single “blink“.

The reflective track ponders on the different experiences one can go through in a period of time – how all these and the personal relationships surrounding them are fleeting, and how one ought to reflect and take it all in before it’s all gone. blink carries a cinematic arrangement: combining layers of electronic beats, vocal effects, keys, and a drum line that builds by the end of the song.

Let Clara’s signature vocals and emotional resonance carry you through a more meaningful start of the year.

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