NBT: #NextBigThing “Kalangitan” by Jhasmine Villanueva

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Jhasmine Villanueva is a Filipino singer/songwriter, born and raised in Bicol; an up-and-coming artist who aims to tell stories with her songs. Using folk instruments, catchy melodies, and an enticing voice, she makes an ethnic and modern sound of her own. She writes songs based on her playful mind. With the mindset of “Mulat na Manunulat” (socially aware writer), she uses her music to voice out relevant societal issues and to inspire others.

About the song “Kalangitan”

Kalangitan is a folk-pop song born from the fleeting feeling of love, heartache, and hope. It’s about someone who fell out of love, the countless days of thinking and fantasizing about things that could’ve happened and those that shouldn’t have happened. It’s about a person who longs for a love to be returned or be reciprocated.

The song expresses the loss and at the same time the appreciation of someone’s memories. There will always be someone who holds a very important place in someone’s life. Not only this expresses emotions but it also helps us heal and feel comfort.

As for the melody, it contrasts the meaning of the lyrics. It has the uplifting vibe of hope while the lyrics have the feeling of pain and regrets. The melody starts with a light feeling but over time becomes heavier. In the end, it goes back to the very light feeling, like love slowly coming back at the right tim

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