Watch: The TRUTH behind the RING | Jessy Mendiola

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The reason why we had to have my ring reset is all here in this vlog. While Radiant Lux Jewelry is claiming that they were the original creators of the ring, the jeweler of the said jewelry shop broke client privilege by telling me about the ring way BEFORE Luis got the chance to propose, ruining what was supposed to be one of the greatest surprises in my life.

Luis bought the ring and paid for it in full and is, by right, the owner of the diamond, which means he can choose to do whatever he wants to do with it. Manila Diamond Studio was kind enough to help us by having the ring reset to erase unfortunate memories and start anew. I also included a photo of the old design and new design in this vlog.

We do not see anything wrong with having the ring reset because it is our right. On the other hand, claiming that the ring design is yours even if it is OBVIOUSLY already a completely different design is misleading. It is heartbreaking that there are people like this who would go extra lengths to destroy other people’s happiness. We chose to keep quiet about this but now that they won’t stop posting about it, we want people to hear our side


Welcome & enjoy! Live life. Love life.

Love, Senorita Jessy 🌺💋

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