Pinoy Dreams



Pinoy Dreams
D – evelop
R – esponsible
E – ducated
A – ltruistic
M – igrants

To empower listeners most specifically temporary foreign workers and caregivers in Canada and around the world. Through the informative segments we hope to develop responsible educated and altruistic migrants that contribute to Canadian economic stability.

Pinoy Dreams talk show aims to strive for and encourage advocacy for the rights of migrants in Canada and internationally. It aims to educate and emphasize the means and ways of how caregiver may elevate themselves through empowerment and connections. It uncovers the growths of the living caregiver in both a vocational and spiritual aspect. The program reaches to the migrant personally and answers the hard-hitting questions that are essential for the typical life of migrants all over the world in a calm and entertaining environment that can simply be described as a leisurely talk with your dear friend ate Judith & Friends