PINOY RADIO TORONTO: North America’s # 1 Online Radio Slated To Host Li ERON’S Opinionated Show

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Life’s journey is full of many surprises. Like pregnant mothers, one can just have a miscarriage and suddenly lost their baby for many reasons. A dream plan can just go horribly wrong or become untimely? But that’s what people are, like a child in the womb, once it reaches its month of maturity, it must come out to the world and see the light of day.


I’ve been devoting my time to my soon to be published book. At the same time, trying to polish a finished story before I will give it to the hands of a Videographer willing to shoot it as a documentary film from scratch and from a zero financing scheme until someone will refuse to shoot her/his part because the dough must be on the table. I hope not….until the eggs are hatch on its perfect timing. Plan B in effect…and a must. Aside from all these “shooting the stars” scenario and daydreaming is just a part of life. A pursuit we all need to keep in order to keep us busy positively.


I’ve been busy with my own affairs in the community and in my bloggings. I thought it is not enough as many important issues that affect our community, our country here and back home, boiling issues that blogging seems not enough. So I was thinking of joining a prestigious, popular and credible media platform and I considered Pinoy Radio in Toronto which has been in the business of broadcasting for many years. I need a bigger, louder platform to air my opinions, highlight issues and bring about discussions and also promote the best from our community.



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