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VAUGHAN FIESTA EXTRAVAGANZA 2018 on its first year is the biggest-Filipino Canadian summer event in city of Vaughan, one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and a sister city of Baguio City, Philippines. A celebration of Filipino culture and traditions in Ontario Canada every summer. 



The annual summer event is a joint project between the Filipino Canadian Association of Vaughan (FCAV) and MCBN Media Group.







“Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza 2018” will coincide with the celebration of Filipino Heritage Month in the GTA and soon in Ontario that will promote multicultural awareness and appreciation of Philippine heritage. One way of recognizing the achievements of the Filipino Community that has contributed to the social and economic fabric of Canada.


The main highlights of the two day event are the following: Non-stop entertainment and musical Extravaganza, Cultural Celebration and competition, Food Expo, Contests, TFC Sama-Saya Canada, Bumper2Bumper auto show and more…


We are bringing together Filipino entrepreneurs, artists and cultural groups from Canada and showcasing Philippines best in mainstream venue in the City of Vaughan, the City above Toronto.






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